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Mar 17, 2010
UPEI Atlantic Veterinary College Professor (Dr. Keefe) named Innovation PEI Industry Research Chair

Two award-winning professors from the Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) have been named Prince Edward Island's first-ever Innovation PEI Industry Research Chairs.

Dr. Larry Hammell and Dr. Greg Keefe were named to the positions as part of the Government of Prince Edward Island's Island Prosperity's A Focus for Change strategic plan. The Innovation PEI Industry Research Chairs program was developed as part of the province's aggressive innovation agenda.

"Dr. Keefe and Dr. Hammell are recognized internationally for their research expertise, as well as their efforts to advance science and build stronger industries," says Dr. Don Reynolds, Dean of the Atlantic Veterinary College. "Both Dr. Hammell and Dr. Keefe are also award-winning members of our world-renowned Centre for Veterinary Epidemiological Research. We are very proud that they have been selected to form the core of our province's ambitious innovation agenda as Industry Research Chairs."

Dr. Hammell is a professor of epidemiology at UPEI's Atlantic Veterinary College. He is an aquatic species health expert who leads the Centre for Aquatic Health Sciences- one of the world's premier institutions for applied research on health management in aquatic food animals.

Dr. Hammell is a member of the OIE World Health Organization for Animals' aquatic disease surveillance group; leader of the Disease Technical Working Group for Salmon Aquaculture Dialogue with the World Wildlife Fund; and member of the National Aquatic Animal Health Program Management Committee. As a result of today's announcement by the provincial government, Dr. Hammell will become the Innovation PEI Industry Research Chair in Epidemiology for Global Aquatic Food Animal Production.

Dr. Greg Keefe is a professor of dairy production medicine at UPEI's Atlantic Veterinary College. He is an internationally-recognized leader in milk quality research and the application of new information and diagnostic technologies to advance disease surveillance and food quality. Dr. Keefe is director of the Atlantic Veterinary College's Maritime Quality Milk - a centre that has an integrated research and service capacity that is unparalleled within the Canadian dairy industry. Through the PEI Industry Chair program, he has been named the provincial Industry Research Chair in Milk-Based Diagnostics and Information Technology Applications.

Dr. Keefe was named to the Dairy Farmers of Canada Production Expert Scientific Advisory Committee in 2008; is a former recipient of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association Schering Plough Award for the advancement of large animal medicine and surgery; and is Vice-President of the USDA-affiliated Mastitis Research Workers.

The awarding of both PEI Industry Research Chairs to researchers at UPEI's Atlantic Veterinary College provides well-deserved recognition for the focus of AVC's research agenda and impacts for food production industries.

"To have Dr. Keefe and Dr. Hammell appointed to these prestigious roles is a testament to both the academic strength of our University's research and training programs, and to the relevance of our research to industry," says Dr. Katherine Schultz, Vice President of Research Development at UPEI.

"We are grateful to the province for its foresight and commitment to investing in scientific research that directly impacts our industries and communities. Today's announcement is historic and creates a new era for Prince Edward Island in contributing to scientific discovery and innovation."

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