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Incentives and Free Testing
Herd testing

All licensed dairy herds in Atlantic Canada are eligible for FREE environmental cultures (EC) of the dairy cow facility. See program page for details. Samples will be collected by project personnel. A form to request testing is available by following the link. The value of the FREE EC is $240 per farm plus collection costs.

Risk Assessment

All herds conducting environmental culture are eligible for program funded risk assessment and management plan development by a program certified veterinarian. These assessments are expected to take approximately one hour. See program page for details. The program funds up to $50 in veterinary fees for this activity.

Cow Testing

Cow testing will be available for herds through their veterinarian for a fee. Test methods are approved by the AJDI Scientific Committee. Test results will be held in confidence and provided only to program certified veterinarian identified by the herd owner for interpretation and communication to the producer.

Johne’s on Dairy Farms
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